Tarvisio (UD) - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
+39 3482685867 +39 3483745119


Book your lesson!

1. Connect to the website www.sleddoghusky.it and select the season (Winter / Summer) and the location (Tarvisio / Cortina) from the menu.

2. Choose from the various options the one you prefer to do / give as a gift (at the following link you can find the instructions for purchasing the “gift vouchers” https://sleddoghusky.it/en/gift-voucher/)

3. Reservations must be made exclusively by sending an email to info@sleddoghusky.it or a whatsapp message to the number 3483745119 for TARVISIO and 3482685867 for CORTINA D’AMPEZZO specifying the activity chosen, the actual number of people participating , if there are children and of what age, if there are people with physical problems and the place where you intend to carry out the activity by adding a possible range of dates to be agreed.

4. Once the release date has been agreed, continue with the payment for the entire amount via Paypal or bank transfer. Upon receipt of payment, your booking is confirmed. Refunds are made ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY if the school is unable to offer the service.

5. Before reaching the venue for the exit, download the membership forms for each individual participant at the following link: https://sleddoghusky.it/en/school-entry-forms/ and bring them duly completed in paper format on the day of the activity.