Tarvisio (UD) - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
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1. Is it a sport suitable for everyone?

Yes. This sport is within everyone’s reach with a minimum of physical fitness. Very young children and people with disabilities will be transported in a sled driven by the school’s authorized staff. Parents or tutors may NOT drive the sled with the person being transported.

2. How can I pay?

In advance via Paypal or bank transfer. If you pay on the spot we only accept cash payments. Refunds are made only and exclusively if the School is unable to offer the service.

3. How many people are on the sled?

Each sled is personally driven by only ONE person at a time.

4. Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, during the winter season no dogs outside the school are allowed in order not to hinder the activities in progress. In summer it is possible to carry out the Dog Trekking activity even with your dog.

5. How can I book?

We highly recommend using email and whatsapp and booking well in advance by following the instructions at this link: https://sleddoghusky.it/en/to-book/

6. In case of bad weather?

If a rainy day or heavy snow is forecast, the activities are postponed. In that case it is better to call the same morning of your booking to check the actual conditions before traveling and to agree on a possible other date.

7. What if there is no snow?

Alternatively, the activity of Dog Trekking is proposed.

8. What must absolutely not be done while driving the sled?

Shouting at dogs, using your mobile phone while driving (taking pictures is allowed during stops after being advised by the school staff), abandoning the sled without warning, taking positions other than those explained in the initial theoretical lesson. 9. Can I buy Gift Vouchers? Yes. At the following link you will find all the instructions for gift vouchers: https://sleddoghusky.it/en/gift-voucher/